Contract Web Services

A strong strategy is key to building an effective online presence. This begins with a website that looks great, runs smoothly, and matches your businesses vision. Having a website that doesn’t contain any major errors or bad practices is the first step to ensuring your audience finds your website and those website views turn into paying customers.

We offer a variety of services depending on your specific needs. Whether you are starting a brand new business, have an existing website that needs an overhaul, or are looking to find ways to attract more customers, we can help.

Some of our services include – custom website design, WordPress theme development, comprehensive site audits, and ongoing SEO packages. All of our plans are flexible to work within your budget and don’t require any long-term contracts.

Take a look at what we offer and let us know how we can help you.


Custom Website Development

Designing a unique website for your business sets you apart from your competitors and creates a personal feel when someone visits your site. This is a great option if you have specific needs or are trying to adhere to a consistent branding strategy.

We have created custom website designs for all kinda of businesses, from law firms to financial advisors, interior designers, and even artist portfolios. Checkout some of our previous work to see how we’ve helped other clients.

Ready to get started? Great! Drop us a line and tell us what you need. After an initial conversation, we’ll be able to provide you a reasonable quote.


Comprehensive Site Audits

Our comprehensive site audit provides you with a review of your overall website and a sound plan for how to move forward to improve your website search rankings. Improved search ranking can lead to more impressions and ultimately more potential customers visiting your website.

Comprehensive Site Audits are available for a fixed price of $400* and will be provided within 5 days of your request. Included in the Comprehensive Site Audit:

* Please note that for large websites we may charge an additional fee due to the increased work of analyzing many pages.

To request your site audit, please contact us.


SEO Packages

Analyzing search results and improving your search ranking is an ongoing process that starts by understanding your business model and developing a sound strategy based on that. This is an ongoing process that is unique for each website and business.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer flexible SEO packages based on your specific needs. Let us know how much you want to budget toward SEO and we’ll come up with the right plan for you. This can be a weekly or monthly process with our reports available upon request.

What we provide in our SEO Package:

To inquire more about our SEO packages, please contact us.


Google AdWords Campaigns

Along with our SEO package to improve your organic search results, we are also specialized in creating and managing paid Google AdWords campaigns and certified by Google for AdWords Search. AdWords can be a great complement to your organic search results and help you to reach new customers and ensure your business is getting noticed

For more information about our AdWords services, please contact us.